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Peneda Geres National Park

The Peneda Geres National Park, commonly referred to as Geres is the only national park in the country of Portugal and it is located in the north western part of Portugal, in the Norte region. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Portugal and was created in 1971 for the preservation of wildlife and plants within its surroundings. One of the primary reasons why the park attracts tourists can also be attributed to the presence of various ruins from the ancient times like the Roman Geira or the roman road in the Geres mountains which surround the park along with the Peneda and Armarela and also certain megalithic tombs and dolmens belonging to as early as 4000 BC or 3000 BC. Moreover, the remains of the Vilarinho das Furnhas, a village which was flooded by a dam of the same name completely, also is a popular visiting point for the tourists. The Peneda Geres National Park is full of water resources like waterfalls and several rivers flow their course in this region like the Rabafao, Arado, Cavado, Homem, Lima and Castro Laboreiro. The temperature of the region oscillates in and around 10 degrees centigrade and during the winter seasons, snowfall is a common feature while the park also receives adequate rainfall during the monsoon season.

Peneda Geres National Park

The Peneda Geres national park houses a variety of plants and animals. The greenery is composed of strawberry trees, Portuguese laurels, birches and silver birches, Holly, Cabril and Abrelgaria woods and a wide range of oaks like the Portuguese oak, Pyrenean oak and Pedunculate oak. The presence of human habitation has greatly affected wildlife in the Geres national park and certain species like the Pyrenean Ibex and bears have not been seen since the last one or two centuries. However, a wide variety of fauna are still protected within the park like the golden eagles, wolves, roe deer, wild cats, vipers and water snakes, newts, otters, wild boars etc.

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